Tuesday, August 9, 2011


biasala kn nk kena ada intro sket.buat je ayat simple2.it doesn't matter.tp introduction is such a lame thing to do.xpela..

just use this blog as a reminder for myself pasal life,kecantikan,keindahan,kesenangan,kesusahan and any great things that happen in the world.and as a book of knowledge as well (boleh panggil book ke?whatever..) sbb knowing extra things doesn't hurt at all in fact lg byk tau lg bagus.lgpn mcm la xbiasa klu ko tau satu2 benda tuh lepas 4 5 bulan pastu mesti ko lupa balik kn.standard dh nk kne ulang baca byk kali balik.dasar short-term memory sungguh..

haha then just nk remind awal2 bahasa ko mmg sucks either bm or bi.plus ignore the foul language used.mmg x bersopan santun sungguh.tp nilah personaliti ko at this age.jgn lupa tuh.tp hope u'll improve later..

well hope that in the future blog ni still wujud la kn.klu x sia2 je segala knowledge and time yg ko spend nk type entry.so adios and welcome to the world of blogging =)

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