Saturday, August 13, 2011

beats by dr. dre..~~

ok aku sgt suka headphones dari dr.dre.super duper cool.but the price perghh boleh cecah seribu ringgit.the quality is superb besides gaya mutu dan keunggulan.celebrities pn ramai spotted using dr. dre's headphones.siap custom made which celeb?
1. mike posner - oleh sbb dia graduate dr Duke University (with excellent CGPA = 3.59) so headphone dia ni was done up in Duke blue with the Blue Devil mascot printed all over.

2. drake - custom pair dia was marked with the words : Do Right And Kill Everything

3. lil wayne

4. kobe bryant - made with fake snake skin uppers

5. the Obamas? - mr. president pny ni cool looks like just a regular all-black headphones but wait until you peep the inscription.ada lirik lagu stevie wonder 'you &i' beb.lagu masa dia dance dgn michelle obama at their romantic is that =)

besides dr.dre and Monsters ada collaborate with figures in music,fashion and sports utk hasilkan artist series such as Diddy (DiddyBeats), Lady Gaga (HeartBeats), Justin Bieber (JustBeats) and Lebron James (PowerBeats).

if you enter beatsbydre website siap ada counterfeit warning lg.there're sites yg dah kena blacklist so beware.only purchase from authorized dealers the meantime kt malaysia ni yg ada jual only at Machines KLCC, Midvalley and Sunway Pyramid.

p/s for myself : bila la nk kaya raya ni boleh membazir duit beli the beats.but then if beli brg mahal2 tp xreti nk jaga pn useless juga kn.previously ko da jahanamkan 3 headphones.mahal xmahal pn patah juga.tapi........klu dh brg super mahal mesti jaga dgn nyawa sendiri kn?so berusahalah sekuat hati utk jd kaya raya.fighting!!!

Cr : complex

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