Tuesday, February 7, 2012

cool concept bikes..~~

how cool will it be if they really make these bikes?

CYKEL Electric and Pedal Bike by bryan mcallister
- can switch to electric power

24/7 City Pedelec by philipp guenther
- have centrifugal gear and hydraulic breaks

City Bike by ionut predescu
- made of carbon fiber and Kevlar cables

IziBi Folding Bike by renato gschwend
- can be folded entirely in half making it easy to toss in the back of any car

Taurus Seat-less Bike by julia meyer
- more challenging ride that keeps you fitter

One Folding Bicycle by thomas owen
- can totally be folded and fit in ur luggage

Backpack Bicycle by chang ting jen
- just over 12 lbs that can be folds up and fits on your back

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