Sunday, September 11, 2011

street graffiti..~~

menyesal plak ada tangan yg tak is such an amazing thing so please do it right ye malaysians...

Chaotic pictures and words.
Words and letters turned beauteous by a chaotic hand.
Spray paint of every color…. Or just black and white.
Faded. Layered from generations of taggers.
Tagger. A voice wanting to be heard.
A voice willing to go against the law to shout.
Dangling off rooftops to adorn art onto places no one else dares to.
Places we view every day.
Portraits of humans the way the mind sees them.
Heads larger than bodies, a fluidity of color.
Words transformed into jumbled, bubbly and yet sharp cut shapes.
Words made into intriguing shapes.
Beauty is given to words in an unthinkable way.
Beauty that must be seen to comprehend.
I do not know what they stand for, but the meaning is still present.
Meaning different to every person.
Every person sees a different word.
Inspirational to some, confusing to others.
Tagging is an art form. A form of expression.
These people are not criminals, they are artists.
Artists that daring enough to express themselves; their way.
Graffiti is not vandalism. Those who call it so are limiting their eyes.
Call them bohemian, they are prideful. They are artists.
When you can see beauty in many forms; you will see it in yourself.
True beauty is found through expression.
Taggers are expressionists.
Therefore, graffiti is beauteous.

: on pic,grrrpirate

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